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Kataji and Koden:

You follow the servant across the compound and to the general's building. At the building two guards armed with swords and heavy armour stand side by side at the door. The servant approaches and speaks.

"Mr. Koden and Miss Kataji for the General." She finishes with a bow, the soldier returns the bow and ushers you both inside his companion follows. Once you are through the threshold of the door however it is closed, and a rather large sound of it being barred is heard. Not liking this at all you turn around and notice that the guards now stand guarding the inside of the door instead of the outside.

"Ah welcome." Across the room the Wu general is seated, guards flanking him. "Very good then we are all here." Standing across the desk you find Lushima and the Honaki girl standing side by side, in Lushima's hands he holds the sword which was on the desk on your last visit.

The man turns to look at you, his face gone pale he turns and nerviously says quietly to the general. "I thank you for the return of my stolen weapon but I now must be going." He bows but the general does not return the favour.

"Oh but you mustn't." Says the general waving both Koden and Kataji closer to the table. "I must confess I had other reason inviting all three of you here today although I don't believe i've meet you." The general says pointing towards the girl with Lushima.

"I am from the Honaki family in Japan. Teto Honaki." She says delightfully with a bow.

The general returns the bow this time and speaks frankly.

"It is a pleasure." He says standing up. The general likewise is in full armour and with a weapon at his hip - a stark contrast to what he was wearing yesterday.

"I have asked you here for a purpose." He confesses. "As many of you are wondering it does involve the murder a few nights back and the prisoner we have caught today." The man walks across the room and looks out of a barred window.

"One of you here is a murder." He says frankly. "Our prisoner is not this murder, neither am I, neither are my guards." at this Lushima takes a step backwards but his words speak differently.

"If the murder is here is is surely Not I, nor Teto." He starts. "I would offer my aide to have this criminal found and brought to justice." He finishes.

"A kind offer, but we don't need help." Says the general turning back to the room. His face shows anger, anguish and speaks of rage and hunger for justice. "Allow me to line up the evidence and then we can ask, hmm, you who the murder was." He says pointing to Teto. Despite the possible silent accusations which could have accompanied the words of the general the Japanese lady bows and agrees.

"Let us begin. The first evidence is clear, a Japanese sword, and strange pellets filled with a substance to provoke unconciousness when inhailed. Neither come from China." The general says, and Teto nods.

"Kataji here was found at the scene, unconsious, with the same pellets and sword which were used in the murder. She is a forienger and we had some, trouble finding her on our records of guests." The general speaks. "However, the skill used in the murder is not consistant with that of person who would accidently use their own pellets on themself." The general concludes, he walks across to his desk and pulls out a bowl of cold food.

"The next piece of evidence." He says. "This food was taken to Kataji's guards at my request. Except that I did not request it." Everyone looks confused. "Let me clarify they were told that the food was a gift from me for good service. However the events which took place that night prevented them from eating it - when a guard approached me and apologised for this dishonour, I was curious and questioned him further. I then had a poison tester examine the food, and it was indeed a deadly mixture. After this I went to question a servant girl who had apparently served the food - except that she was dead." The man slams his fists down on the table and everyone jumps back. Anger showing in his voice the man continues.

"I asked her friends and family, apparently she had made a new lover who had promised her riches and a new life without a bondage of being a servant." He says, at the same time Lushima takes an uneasy step backwards. "They said she had said nothing more however." The General goes suprisingly calm and turns away from everyone and crosses his hands behind his back to a moment.

Teto takes the oppotunity to speak up.

"All this evidence proves that the criminal was no Chinese, it was not this woman (Kataji), it was someone skilled in poison making, and it was a man or women perhaps from a rich background who has perswasive with women." She says. "That can describe three of us here."

"Yes it can." The general says. "Therefore I bring before you my three remaining pieces of evidence. On the night of the wedding celebration, there was alot of fuss over a simple seating arrangement. So much so that the married couple sought out the trouble makers." The general turns around putting the bowl of food back into his drawer. "The servents were questioned, the seating maps were examined. Koden's seating was in its rightful place, however Lushima was not on the list at all - and you Teto, you lied to have Koden removed."

"Well I.." She begins.

"It does not matter. What was more disturbing was that the name of Lushima was no were, even with different names or spellings." Lushima takes a step backwards.

"But you said earlier that neither was Kataji's name present." Teto started in Lushima's defense. "Is it possible that both share a common folly? The misplacement of part of the guest list perhaps." She spoke the truth however Kataji knew exactly why she wasn't on the guest list.

"We examined this as well, and unless both Kataji and Lushima were on the same page which only consisted of two names then it is unlikely. No, Kataji and Lushima share a common link - neither are guests." The general speaks, a sweat is now on Lushima's brow.

"I confess, I am a stow away." Lushima says with suprise. "I borrowed some nobles cloths and weapons and left the ship he came on. I was dazzeled by your culture and your people - I picked up the language after a few days then then infiltrated the front gate." He says lowering his head as though in shame. Teto looks at him in suprise - clearly she had thought he was an influential man.

"Oh really, well thats nice to know but it doesn't exactly save you Murder!" Everyone looks at the General who is now drawing his sword.

"What!?" Lushima says.

"Out of all the four people here, only two were present during the first murder. Koden and Teto arrived on a boat the day after - Lushima or whatever your name is, your justice will be swift."

"Damn you old man!" Lushima jumps behind Teto and brings his sword to her throat, she lets out a scream and begins to cry.

"Matrio say it isn't so!" She screams using his first name as though they were closer.

"Quiet!" He tightens his grip on her throat - it was more clear that Lushima was playing Teto all along, and that Teto was more closer to former, non-murdering, Lushima then you two had thought, though the man does not share the link between them.

"General, I commend you on your investigation. You have foiled my mission, but i'll have you know there is no easy way out of this for you." Lushima speaks calmly as though in full control, a split second later he cries in agony and Teto uses the chance to escape rushing across the room to hide behind a guard.

On further investigation, you see that a spear had protruded from a hole in a near by wall to stab Lushima in the back before withdrawing. A near by door opens to the room where you were informed the prisoner was being held and a man branishing a spear emerges.

"This is my Decree of Justice." The general speaks. "May you be killed, your soul banished and barred from this world, and your body sent back to your master as word of your failure and as warning of further intrusion. Let is be so." The man finishes, drawing his blade, immediately around the room the five guards move forward towards Lushima.


After waiting all day, eventually you overhear the entire discussion (above) held by the general and the stange people outside. Relieved that you are not being found guilty of crimes you havn't commited you let out a sigh of relief. The guard with you grabs his spear and pushes aside a table to reveal a small hold just big enough for the spear to fit. He peaks through before jamming the spear to create a sound of agony on the other side.

He withdraws the spear and moves to the door, pushing aside a panel and reaching out to unlock it he opens the door and moves outside were you can see several people preparing for battle. The guard pays you no attention anymore.




OOC: Cadrius, Lushima is about 15 ft from you with Kataji inbetween. Gral, you are just out of melee range. Maeko you can't tell who is who, the Wu soldiers and general are easy to pick but the four strangers are hardly - you narrow it down that Lushima is the one who is wounded, although you're not sure if you want to get involved or whether you should try and escape.
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