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For a moment she says nothing, simply regarding him evenly with those dark, measuring eyes. I am always thinking they seem to say to the taller man.

"Nothing is right here."

Her tone is at odds with the words; she speaks them as if discussing the weather. She glances back to make sure they are alone, though she still seems perfectly calm. At ease, almost, as if she has always been free, as if nothing that had gone on before had actually happened.

"They had the weapon when I was arrested; in fact, it was found near my unconscious body. Lushima's story changes nothing about the evidence of the case, nor does this so-called assassination attempt. In no way should any of this exonerate me, or implicate this other and yet here I am. Free."

She clasps her hands together so that they are both now hidden within the sleeves of her robe.

"It tells me that it was convenient to charge me, and that it was equally convenient to drop those charges - there was little to gain by accusing me. It tells me they are not interested in finding the killer; they have simply found someone whose conviction will bring them more profit."