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Slowly making his way through the market, Nicos keeps an eye out for any sign of either Maeko or one of Mins' crew. The crowd keep on shifting, revealing and concealing different faces in turn. But none of the ones he is looking for.

Walking past several booths that contain the good he originally came here for, it is several long minutes before Nicos, gives up finding her anytime soon.

She will probably make her way back to the Inn with Elyas. Still I can't help but worry if something went wrong with the thieves.

Stepping around a short figure in a midnight blue cloak, Nicos takes a good five steps before he realises he has seen that cloak before.

One of the people who came in with Maeko was wearing a cloak like that. Seemed to be about the same hight too

Turning around, the bard searches the press of people behind him for any trace of her.
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