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Ilastros, upon seeing what the orc is headed for, decided to join in as well. However, he walked up to a man with a horse beside the road instead. He noted that the man was watching the scene with great interest.

"Can I borrow your horse?" Ilastros asked.

"No. Now get away," the man said.

Then the man suddenly turned ice pale and started gibbering. Ilastros felt a sheer wall of cold behind him and had the urge to run away from it as fast as he could. It wasn't until the raspy, as though not used in hundreds of years, but still feminine voice behind him spoke up that he knew who it was.

The voice said one simple phraze, "I suggest you give him the horse."

The man promptly let go of the reins and ran away as fast as he possibly could. Ilastros, not being one to look a gift-lich in the mouth, immediately got on the horse and started riding towards the temple. He smiled silently as he remembered the look on the man's face.

You're very useful to have around.

"Thanks," Ilyasi said.

Why wasn't the horse frightened?

"I used a spell on it to keep it from being affected by my manifestation. Unfortunately, it apparently has not affect on psions," Ilyasi said.

I'm a psychic warrior, not a psion.