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Suddenly the paladin's hands fly from their death-grip on his head, causing the cup of water offered by Cadrius to smash into the wall, shattering into shards of clay. The paladin's eyes snap open, glowing a bright red -- but it's like the color of a sunset, rather than blood.

He stands up, brushing off attempts to help him. When he speaks, his voice has a strange echo to it, almost as if he were underground.

"He's here."

He doesn't even bother pushing people out of the way, as he walks to the door. He doesn't have to -- everyone seems intent on not getting in his path.

Just outside the door, someone is tethering his riding horse to the post by the entrance. Upon seeing the paladin's face, the man hastily backs away, but it seems the paladin's attention is on him. The paladin speaks again, in that hollow voice.

"I need your horse."

Stammering, the man nods and hands over the reins. As the paladin takes them and mounts up, both warrior and steed seem to glow that bright red for an instant -- and the paladin is seated on the back of a massive charger, stamping impatiently, almost as if it anticipates the paladin's intent. He gives the reins a light tug, but the effect is instantaneous. The warhorse turns and begins charging down the street at a full gallop.