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Shaking his head at Takeshi's response, Fugen waits for Gizerak to confirm his own spell ability falls along similar lines before signing a response. He indicates that what he is thinking of involves tunneling through at least 200 yards (and very likely much more) of ground, a large portion of which is likely to be stone. The would need something more than the ability to simply dig their way through, though that would definately be of use. They would need a way to manipulate solid stone in large enough quantities to create a tunnel through which they all could at the very least crawl.

"Well, I do have one spell that could deal with solid stone, stone shape," Gizerak responds, "but the progress that it would make would be measured in feet, not yards if used to create a passage. To go 200 yards, 600 feet, through solid stone would require me nearly a year, if not more. Even if Takeshi here can cast the spell too, we're still looking at a half-year's work. I do not think that we have that kind of time."

Sighing, Fugen nods his head in agreement. Signing, he indicates that they then need to consult with the Ministries of Engineering and of War. Fugen explains, that if the composition of the ground is right, then with Daisuke's help and proper digging implements, then they might be able to tunnel into the lower levels of the crypt and thus access the palace that way, rather then either of the main gates. The trick would be finding a place where they could start the tunnel so it wouldn't be found by any guards or soldiers that might be emplaced in or around the palace. However, if the Ministries revealed that the ground was unsuitable for this tactic, or enspelled to prevent it, then there was no point in trying to figure out more of the details.

Turning to Termix (though with Gizerak still translating), Fugen asks him if he, or those supplies that were left here in his grandfather's laboratory, that would enable at least one of the group, if not all of them, to access the palace through the air, unseen.
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