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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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"Then we can only do what we think is right. Failing that we will do what we think will keep us breathing. I for one think helping this woman would suit the latter if not the former."

He shrugs, glad to be out under the open sky even if the conversation is less than pleasant. Cadrius almost finds it amusing how non-chalant they've become about potentially life-threatening situations. Perhaps they've grown too accustomed to walking on the edge of a knife. To be honest, the fallen paladin hadn't expected to live past Karkas. Maybe in cheating death he earned a certain liberty, or perhaps he's nothing more than a fool.

"If they truly want us to do this, they likely could force it. Use an enchantment, or glamor, or whatever it is they do. It might be easier for us if we simply cooperate. I do not imagine our flight would go unnoticed, particularly if we returned for Blarth and our possessions."