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The soft moonlight baths the intimate pair, a heady mixture of wine and the night's activities making each relax more then they normally would around the other. The male lies on his stomach, the haze making his thoughts a blur, and the drink his speech slurred. The female is sprawled over his back, absently tracing the barely visible tattoo on his left shoulder.

"What is this anyway?" Her voice is soft and intimate. "A bird’s foot?"

"Raven's Claw," comes the response, words slightly muffled by the pillow he is speaking though. "It's the sign of the monasterial order I was a part of."

"Nicos the monk?" Pushing her red locks from her eyes, Gemoud stretches out beside the man and playfully bites him on the shoulder. "A monk is about a far as you get from a bard, how did you manage that?"

The haze of alcohol disinhibits the one-armed-man enough to speak of the subject, but not to block out the remembered pain. "I was still a monk when I lost my arm." His hand moves to the scaring on his shoulder unconsciously. "Technically still a monk I suppose, though at that point it was just a technicality. I was a ah- a slave and had been for I don't know how long, when a new group of people had who had been captured arrived. They managed to escape, and tried to set everyone else free. There was fighting, but as the slaves only had makeshift weapons and were nearly staved to death, nearly all died in the conflict."

Taking a deep breath, Nicos is quite for a long moment before continuing the tale, his voice thick with pain. "Better that they died free, then prisoners. I was probably the most able unarmed fighter there, and I knew it - so I threw myself into the worst of the combat. I ah ... my arm ended up getting wounded, and I passed out. They dragged me clear, and I regained consciousness before they decided what to do about what was left of my arm. It was fairly badly damaged, and they didn't have a lot of options. So they amputated, and cauterised the shoulder. I didn't pass out that time."

The bard is silent again, lost in the past. Gemoud wraps her arms around him, content to listen to his ragged breaths, and let him find his own way back to the present. It is several minutes before he continues, once more in control of his voice. "One of the group that escaped was an elf called Saelyn. She took it on herself to nurse me back to health. I was done with being a monk by then, and she was a bard so she taught me the profession."

The silence falls again, but it is Gemoud who breaks it this time. “I for one think you made the right choice. Bards have much more fun then monks.” Dragging her nails down Nicos’ back almost painfully, she gives a playful laugh at his cry of protest. Shaking free of her hand, a mock struggle begins between the pair, ending only once the bard had the red-haired woman pinned.

“Bards have more fun did you say?” he says, looking down at her.

“Like I said,” she replies, pulling him down into her embrace.
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