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The Grand OOC Thread

Alright, here's the OOC thread, and here's how I'm thinking this will work.

1. I'm going to try to keep to a roughly twice-weekly update schedule, to keep us from forgetting about this whole thing.

2. We're genning using Eclipse Phase with a couple additional things. One, you're genning an infomorph only, and two, under your name I want you to put two Declarations. Your Declarations are essentially what your character wants to be known for. They're one-word public summaries of your intent, and everyone will instantly know what they are, as well as your name, upon seeing you, because that's all public social data in the City. Examples might be: Singing, Justice, Strength, or Friendly. Everyone has two, no more and no less.

3. You may have noticed the subforum for polls. The City is a direct democracy, every significant issue is posted up for a public vote. Votes themselves are private, but any comments are not. Feel free to post up additional polls and vote on ones that are already there, and feel free to make up NPCs to comment on those polls, but remember to post their name and declarations at the beginning of any comments they make, and don't be surprised if I use those characters in the game.

I think that's it for now, if you have any questions or general OOC stuff, here's the place to post it.
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