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Looking for a game from years ago

When I first signed in here back in March 2006, I joined a game that featured monsters (Goblins, Hobgoblins, Gnolls) as characters. It was great fun until the DM disappeared to never return.
Any idea how I can find that game thread? I've looked through all of the current games on display and most of those don't even go back that far. I know you periodically delete(?) or archive games and threads but I was hoping it was still around somewhere in cyberspace limbo.

And I know it would be helpful if I could remember the name of the game or even the DM but I can't. I do remember my character's name, Grumpnik. And I've searched on that name and looked through all of my posts, but they only go back to 2008.

Any help? I'll dig up a few virgin sacrifices...promise!

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