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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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The Woman of the Woods

Her name is Belle and she has spent the last several thousand years growing increasingly mad. Izrador's fall poisoned the land and it affects those that are most closely connected to it first.

For a long time she had been content luring young men into the depths with sweet words and fluttering lashes. She murdered each of them. Some hanged, some drowned, some had their throats cut.

This all changed with the charred fell. They let her punish the humans in new ways.

Pumpkin Head

A magic construct created by Belle to spy upon the village. She is loathe to leave the boughs of her home these days. Possesses a crude, but cunning, intellect and delights in fire.

The Hanged Figures

Cude representations of the characters created by Dura Abben.
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