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Shade stares down the passageway where the man had disappeared, her mind ticking impatiently over the details of what he had said. Anger and resentment churned in her gut, but she could not deny that he'd saved her. Sudden shouts and the unmistakable sound of combat wrench her attention back to the door in front of her. His last words had been that her friends were beyond that portal. She throws the door open, her mind suddenly tuned to the rhythm of combat.

The images blur together - Blarth, Nicos, Ben, Surayon - all scrambling in the heat of battle. The one thing that comes crisply into focus is Cadrius, slumped against the wall, a wizard standing before him. For the moment, both are unaware of her presence.

She crosses the short space in the time it takes her to draw steel, slicing crosswise at the unprotected flesh of the sorcerer's neck. He goes down, spurting blood across the flagstones.