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While Blarth hadn't been quite sure what the response to his accusation would be, the out break of a fight certianly hadn't been his first thought. Perhaps the other wizards would have turned and demanded that Blarth explain himself. Or maybe the would be Cadogan would vehemently deny the accustaion. Or perhaps one of his friends would have asked what was going on. Anything but an immediate brawl.

Reaching for his club, Blarth's hands grasp at empty space and he looks down to find it not there. Looking up in confusion, Blarth sees it in the hands of the not-Cadogan wizard, a small grin on his face. A thought crosses Blarth's mind, how had he taken his club when he was way over there, only to be burned in the fire of rage. That was his brother's club, and the wizard had taken it.

Snarling like a beast, Blarth rushes the man, whose grin fades into a look of suprise and disgust as Blarth's visage reforms to match the beast inside. With little time to think about it, the wizard raises the club he so recently aquired in an attempt to defend himself and swings it at Blarth. Only to be spun around by its momentum when Blarth easily ducks the akward swing, and then scream in pain as Blarth's elongated teeth find his thigh.