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Made suspicious by Nicos's and Surayon's earlier comments, Blarth is on edge as they are led into the Citadel and down into what can only be described as the catacombs. Looking about the party as they go, Blarth keeps an eye out for some sign of Shade.

No luck, and not a little walking later, Blarth finds himself in a room with not 1 but 4 wizards now, and his other companions of course, with Nicos recounting what had happened over the last few days. Studying each of the wizards in turn, Blarth tries to figure out what's really going on here. A painfully slow process for the half-orc.

Ysene, the woman wizard that had sent them on this trip and had shown Blarth that amazing trick with the stone lizard. He didn't know quite why, but he really like her. Something about that tingly feeling he'd had when she'd shown him the lizard hadn't really felt right.

The man next to him was dressed in a simple black robe. His hood was pulled up so that Blarth could not see his face. Ysene had introduced him as... as... Damn, now Blarth was forgetting his name. He seemed to be paying rapt attention to Nicos's story, whatever his name was, though, so he probably wasn't a threat. At least not yet.

The other man that had just been introduced was dressed like one would expect a wizard to dress. His robe nearly gleamed with gold, silver, and blue embrodiry in designs of lightening bolts and scrolls. He seemed decidedly less interested in Nicos's story, but then, he didn't seem interested in anything at all. He kept gazing up at the ceiling with a far off look in his eyes like he was looking at something on the other side. Looking up at the point in the cieling where the man is looking, Blarth looks for a hole or something that he might be looking through, but sees nothing. Perhaps his angle is wrong to see the hole.

The last wizard in the line is Cadogan, the man that Shade and Cadrius had lead them here to rescue. Well, not rescue necessarily, but at the very least make sure he was okay. He'd been abducted by some wizards back in Krakas. Well, maybe not abducted, they had claimed to be his friends so the might have just been taking care of him. Cadogan had been unconcious at that point, so they might have just been trying to keep him safe. Most men didn't really trust wizards further than they could throw them, and quite a few prefered them close enought to skewer should it become necessary.

As he studies Cadogan, it dawns on Blarth that Cadogan is studying him. Wait? Isn't Cadogan blind? He can't really be studying him, just pointing his face in his direction. But Blarth can't shake the feeling that those eyes are focused on him, trying to judge what kind of a person he really is. Staring back, Blarth and Cadogan's eyes meet, and for a brief moment there is a spark of recognition in Cadogan's eyes as he realizes that Blarth has noticed his stare. Almost immediately he looks away, or rather looks nowhere, trying to resume the veil of being blind.

For Blarth, however, the illusion is broken. Having realized that the man calling himself Cadogan is not really blind, it seems obvious that he isn't really Cadogan. Indeed a closer look reveals that his appearence is some how partially transparent. Blarth can see through his skin to see another, very different looking man beneath the outer Cadogan shell.

Instantly on the defensive, Blarth is immediately surrounded by a blue glow that has the appearence of chainmail as his face turns into a snarl focused on the imposter.

"Imposter," he nearly growls at the wizard, "You're not Cadogan. Where is he, and what have you done with Shade?"