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"Because I'm a blind idiot," Nicos replied feeling his stomach complain about the lack of food. "I gave it some thought while Surayon and I were trying to track Shade and it's the only thing that makes sense if you put together all the clues."

"First of all," he said raising his hand and extending a finger. "It never made any sense that they would send us out here on our own. Disregarding the fact that we might have needed some help, why didn't they send someone to make sure we didn't damage the stone and to make sure we actually returned with it?"

Dropping his hand to his side, the bard continues quietly. "I think they did; only they were very subtle about it. There are certain magics which give people compulsions to do certain things. It's a very subtle and powerful thing, people have been known to have been under a compulsion for years - and all without knowing it. I think that Shade was under the influence of one."

Raising his hand again to forestall any argument, Nicos quickly continues. "Let me finish. Consider the fact that on the way here, we followed Shade more then we followed the not-too-specific directions on how to get here. I was expecting that we'd have to search the area for the entrance but we came out right on top of it, and I don't think we're that lucky.

"Consider the first door, the hidden one. Shade knew exactly what to do to open it, when the rest of us couldn't even tell there was a secret door at all. She didn't even have to search for it, which really should have been a dead give away right there but I was too stupid to notice it.

"Consider also how she was when she finally got a hold of it, she didn't care about any of the other treasure that was in there, she didn't even look twice at it! All she wanted to do was get on the way. Consider again that she wouldn't even let me examine the stone until I swore I would return it when I was done."

Turning an eye towards the half-orc, Nicos tries to gauge his companion's mood. "Individually they aren't a lot, but put it all together and I'm convinced. The wizards had the motivation, opportunity and ability."

-Besides- the bard mentally adds. -The only chance we have of following her is if we know where she's heading. It's either the Citadel or nothing.-
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