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"I will need aid."
Surayon lets out a quiet breath, relieved that Cadrius is enough of a man to admit when he is unable to accomplish a task on his own. She sets to packing his armour once more, finally splitting the pieces between her travelling pack and a lashed-together assortment of the bigger pieces. Hefting the unwieldy shapes onto her shoulder, she sways slightly at the unaccustomed weight, but manages to distribute the load enough to regain her balance. Grimacing at the encumbrance, she refrains from saying anything; in trying to do things his way, Cadrius has at least earned enough respect to keep her from mocking his way of fighting.

She glances around, noting the lack of creatures; presumably the troll ate anything that crossed its path, but the absence of living things could also mean the approach of others, unlikely as that was. Of course, that could also be to the noises that were coming from here just a moment ago, she muses. She turns back to the one-armed man.
"So, now where? And by the way, I still haven't caught your name..."
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