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A movement from the downed man catches Surayon's eye, and she pauses in her sorting of the armour at her feet to glance round. Incredibly, the man is both awake and aware, although from the look of pain in his eyes, that isn't a good thing. She glances down, caught by the flash of sunlight on steel, and sees that he has a dagger clutched in his hand. Dismissing it as irrelevant, the man can barely move, let alone be a threat in his present state, she hears his words, whispered in a voice taut with concealed pain.

"Tell me, why are you taking my armor?"

Her eyes widen slightly, then narrow as she searches his face, looking for some trace of any ability to trust. She lets out a quiet laugh, smiling as she thinks of the absurdity of anyone choosing to trust her, a non-human, far from her home in an area so far not renowned for its treatment of other races.
Catching Cadrius's eye, she replies softly,
"Your friends are doing other tasks. Shade and... Ben? Yes, Ben, are looking for a more... defensible spot than this one. The half-orc and the one-armed man are seeking a way to carry you, and the man asked me to carry your armour." Her gaze grows harder, more challenging. "But if you choose not to trust me, then by all means, get up, put your armour on, and move on."
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