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Shade crested the small rise and looked down the shale strewn slope at Ben's retreating figure. Behind the veil she makes a face, irritated that he insisted on wandering off and further irritated that he picked this spot to wander off to. Even as she watches, the unsteady slope gives way beneath his weight, sending the one time mercenary crashing unceremoniously out of sight.

Cursing under her breath, Shade hops over the edge and half slides down the slope, quick stepping to avoid the same fate as Ben. Almost before she starts there is a metallic clashing - presumably the sound of Ben hitting bottom. More muted curses from her (and, one might imagine, from Ben as well). So much for keeping quiet.

She leaps off the rapidly approaching edge and lands lightly, tumble rolling, then comes up crouched and ready for anything. Her searching eyes quickly find Ben, inspecting the stone beneath the overhang.

"What in the nine hells are you doing? Cadrius can't walk and we've got a stranger in camp. This isn't the time to go prospecting for gold."