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Interlude 16: Sanctification Round 2

Interlude 16: Sanctification Round 2

As Takeshi enchants his staff and advances, his evil clone withdraws and summons a flaming sphere.

The sphere appears behind Takeshi and hits him from the rear. His back blisters as it burns.

7:12 and Interlude 16 (1d20=3, 1d20=14, 1d20=5, 1d20=16, 1d20=2, 1d20=17, 1d20=6, 1d20=20, 1d20=3, 1d20=1, 1d20=6, 1d20=18, 1d20=2, 1d20=5, 1d20=2, 1d20=18, 1d20=20, 1d20=8, 1d20=20, 1d20=8, 1d20=2, 1d20=13, 1d20=14, 1d20=15, 1d20=12, 1d20=19, 1d20=15, 1d20=16, 1d20=10, 1d20=16)

09 Takeshi 240E/180N. HP 15/24. Casts spell and steps.
05 Evil Takeshi 235E/170N. Steps and casts flaming sphere. Takeshi fails save with 3+mods. 9 pts of damage