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Takeshi dismounts and leads Daisuke off into the undergrowth. They remain on the ridge and in the undergrowth as much as possible to avoid discovery. Heading downstream, so the current won't pull them down to the ferry when they do attempt to cross the river, Takeshi looks for a bend in the river which would prevent observation from upriver, preferable one near an island in the river which would cut the swim in half and give Takeshi a place to observe the opposite bank from cover. If and when he finds such a place, Takeshi then looks for a fallen tree. He breaks off any limbs protruding more than two feet from the trunk, and with Daisuke's help, manhandles the tree to the edge of the cover, and waits for dark. As darkness descneds, he eases the tree into the water, and holding onto it to keep above water, slowly begins kicking his way accross the river.
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