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2014 Annual ORP Coolest Avatar Award™

The 13th Annual Online-Roleplaying Coolest Avatar Award™! Lucky thirteen, this should be good.

On this day for years past beyond mortal memory, a contest has been held. A contest of champions, fallen heros, terrors beyond imagination and dreams. On this, the 13th anniversary of this most sacred of events, we face dark tides. Who can step forward to save us? Who be be the hero we need to turn back the fates? It is time, to find out, who has the ... Coolest Avatar of 2014™!

Do you have what it takes to join the champions of the past such as WhoNaN, itches, BigRedRod, LeeCHeSSS, itches, Noocytx, Gralhruk, itches, jiffypop, red_dr4g0n94, Tashalar, or Linklegacy77? No I don't think so, if you try you'll just embarrass yourself.

One night long ago, I lay upon the cool grass and cast my vision to the dark sky above. The stars danced with otherworldly grace and as I observed them I discovered the secret laws to this most holy of rituals.

The rules are simple and I'll run through them here for those who are new or have forgotten:
  • For one week from the time of this post, nominations will be open
  • You can only nominate yourself
  • Your avatar can be anything (provided it's appropriate for this site i.e. no vulgar pictures)
  • The avatar need not be your own creation
  • You can't re-enter an avatar that has already won
  • And don't change your avatar once you have nominated yourself

Also remember to include a six word or less description that amuses me, or I'll make one up for you.

Once the nominations are collected they will be placed in a poll that will remain open for another seven days (my time), after which we will either enter a 48 hour Sudden-Death tie breaker, or adorn the winner with their ceremonial bragging rights. We suggest putting the phrase "Winner of the 2014 Coolest Avatar Award™" in your signature.

Don't miss out on this rare chance to witness itches win a rigged online poll!
@}-`-- Coffee + Hate = itches
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