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Her back to the wall, Shade watches her companions and this night's patrons through narrowly slitted eyes. The entertainer Nicos seemed an honest sort of rogue. The other one, Laronar, almost gets a smile from her as he stalks away from Cadrius' dismissal.

Any mirth quickly drains away as Cadogan speaks; magic was something she learned to respect but never trust. She lets the legs of her chair drop to the floor and rests her hands on the hilts of her blades as the three bullies come forward, but thugs like that were too stupid to take the warning. When Cadrius follows them out she waits for three heartbeats, then rises and moves to the bar.

Yell if you bite off more than you can chew.

She orders a strong Cordavan stirh and, with two of her bright silver coins, asks the bartender to leave her the half-filled bottle. She takes a healthy swallow and feels the potent alcohol burn it's way down her throat. It promptly starts a warm glow in her stomach and as a second drink finds its way to its new home, she watches Nicos take the stage. His song inevitably reminds her of Itches and his betrothed and her mouth twists bitterly.

She watches Laronar, two seats down, as his eyes flicker between Nicos and the door. After the song he gets up, takes his bottle of wine, and heads out the door. He looks like a man ready to get drunk, and she almost grabs his shoulder as he walks by. She could use a drinking partner right about now. Something in his eyes, though, makes her think he's looking for trouble and she didn't feel like any trouble tonight.

Her fingertips are starting to numb; a combination of strong drink and an empty stomach, and she puts her back to the bar and looks at her companions. Maeko, Cadogan, and Paladin all rest at their table, steaming food even now arriving. Paladin has been awfully quiet of late, not that she minds. He made her uneasy, especially now that he'd gone so quiet; there was something in his eyes that made her think he could see right through her.

She calls the bartender over and confers about a room and a bath. Pulling out five coins, she hands them over and heads upstairs, bottle in tow. Outside in an alley, two men are dead and two men are slowly dying, though in different ways.