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Arriving at the bar, Nicos leans over and alls the attention of the bar keep.

"Shamus, the group over there. Add their meal to my Tab, send them over some of the side of the beef you have cooking, some of the vegetable stew, and one of the loafs. That ought to be enough. Oh and send over two pitches, one of ale, the other fruit juice."

Contemplating how much this meal is going to cost him, Nicos quickly shakes off such thoughts.

Something tells me they carry many tales with them, and the price for such a thing is well above that of one meal

His musings are interrupted by a semi-familiar figure, the elf that interrupted him before when he first approached Maeko.

Switching to Elvan he answers the stranger.

"I know you not elf, and I care not for your constant interrupting of matters that do not concern you."

Looking past his Elvan head, Nicos sees Cadirus leaving the Inn, and drops back to common.

"Now if you excuse me, I have a show to perform"

Moving over to where there is a clear corner set apart for his performance, Nicos begins tapping his foot in a rhythm. Once this has gone on for a count of ten, he starts singing softly in Elven, a song about how two lovers, over came incredible odds to be together, but just as it seems that will live happily-ever-after, tragedy strikes, and one of them is struck down by a random accident. As the song lowers to a half, it speaks of how it became promised that they will become re-united again, and the still living lover awaits that day forever.

Finishing his song, Nicos looks about the room; pleased with the result he has wrought. Very few of the roomís occupants speak Elvish, but even those who donít were touched but the song in some small way, though most do well at hiding it behind a show of gruffness or ignoring him.

((Creative licence for the crowds reaction, and a result over 20 ))
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