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As Cadrius enters the Inn a black bird flutters past him and in the door way. A Quick glance confirms Cadrius' thoughts as the Bird flies straight for Cadogan and lands on the mans shoulder.

The bird burrying its beak behind Cadogan's ear, and suddenly the blindman looks deeply saddend but does nothing but stroke his bird and give it a crumb of bread as a reward for a job well done.


"I believe I will retire early." Cadogan speaks to Miss Maeko, the women notices Cadogan is upset and displeased with something. "There is no need to help me." He stands and moves slowly towards where he remembered the Bar to be, arriving some 30 seconds later at the short walk across the room. He speaks to the man behind the counter before digging into his pouch. Feeling the weight and size of several coins he finally places 5 gold pieces on the counter and is given a key before being shown up the stairs and giving a little shove down the hallway towards the rooms where he continues to walk by himself suprisingly well - untill he nearly walks into a low beam, if Shirvel wasn't there the man surely would have crowned himself.
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