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Eyes narrowing as the ruffian struts towards the exit of the Inn, Nicos speaks softly.

"His name is Cletus, not a particularly bright fellow, and a general bully to boot. He has a well known vendetta against magic users, his wife and baby daughter were killed a few months ago when a young mage, had a mishap while doing what ever it is mages do."

Taking his eyes of the departing mans back; he looks over at the rest of the people sitting at the tabel.

"It took out a city block, only the mage survived. Still Iím surprised that he tried anything with your burly friends over there. A blind mage, one-armed minstrel and a small woman I can see him confronting, but," Nicos shrugs and gets up. "With them around I would expect him to take a more sinister route, say a knife in an alleyway." Leaning down towards the Blind-man, he drops his voice. "His sort of prejudice is moderately wide spread, but few hold onto it with such vigour. Plus you never know who can effect a spell or two"

With a wink at Maeko, and a nod at the rest of the people at the table he makes his way over to the bar to arrange for their food.

((a pointed reminder. That was what Nicos thought about Cletus, he could of been wrong ))
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