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She had scouted ahead of the others for most of the day, glad that she didn't need to speak with them. As the sun began it's descent toward the western mountains they had spied the sizable frontier town and had pushed hard to get there before nightfall. As they approached the gates, Shade had dropped back and let the warriors do the talking.

Once inside, the inn was the obvious destination and she found herself relishing the thought of a bath. She needed cleansing. Despite her desire for a few well-earned creature comforts, she finds herself dropping a few paces behind the others as they near the noise and light. Her heart is suddenly heavy and she has a sudden desire to slip off; her eyes scan the street and she spots a darkened alley. Something didn't seem quite right about it and she scrutinizes it further but detects nothing amiss. Her companions don't seem to notice anything and when she looks back there she thinks she can see the shadowy figure of a tall, slim man. The image is gone before her eyes can focus, though. Disturbed, she shakes her head as if to clear it and quickens her pace, catching the others as they open the door to the inn.

They have barely had time to adjust to the light and noise when a one armed entertainer starts heading there way. Her mind is spinning with thoughts of the stranger and she is numbed by her long silence and the sudden bustle of activity around her. So out of sorts is she that she sits without thinking when Cadrius offers her a seat, a courtesy that normally would have brought a stinging word or two to her lips. Before she is even settled, the entertainer is joined by an elf and Cadrius dismisses them.

A drink first, and then to see about a bath.