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It was dark already when they arrived in town.
The guardsman at the gate let them through with a glance and a wave, barely letting them pass before locking the gate for the night and hurrying back in the guard-room, out of the drizzle and the chilly wind.
The town was settling in for the night, not many where around; shadows behind tick window-panes spoke of families gathered around a meal or quietly talking in front of a fire.

Here and there hints of movement in corners and doorways: hunting cats, a merchant hurrying home from her shop, a young couple kissing...
Maeko followed Cadrius’ and Paladin’s lead, whispering guidance to Cadogan while Shade brought up the rear.
Her guides stopped in front of a building, from the lighted windows snatches of music and laughter could be heard, a inn of some sort, no doubt.

When Cadrius opened the door, a wave of heat and smells hit the nun like a physical blow, she almost staggered as the thick, sweetish odor of roasted meat, mixed with the tang of cheese made bile rise in her throath.

“ Is something wrong?” asked the blind mage, concern in his voice.
Maeko forced her stomach under control moving a few steps and breathing shallowly.
“ No, older brother, I just need few moments, I am not used to meat-smell”.
“ I see...” he answered.“ Could you, please find me a quiet place to seat?”

Quickly the group was settling in at a table. With a sort of amused surprise Cadrius noted that Maeko was shifting every so often on her seat.
She doesn’t seem to be used to chairs either

Noticing a one-armed man coming towards them, some sort of entertainer, probably, since he had been singing when they had entered, Maeko stands and positions herself near Cadogan. A flash in the man’s eyes tell her he has seen and understood her move, but he does not react.
Nonchalantly nodding towards an empty chair he asks:”’ello, is this seat taken?”
“ No, it is not” answers the nun, neutral.

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