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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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The next hour passes quietly for the most part, only interrupted by Blarth's chuckling and Tilowait's eccentric speaking. Cadrius contents himself to keep a vigil over the small clearing. They might be armed but there's no sense in letting whatever dangers catch them off-guard.

He finds himself absent-mindedly adjusting and readjusting his armor, making certain it fits properly. He still hasn't grown accustomed to it yet and doesn't want to find out the hard way if a plate or some chain aren't covering the right spot. The sword as well he checks over, making certain the balance is right and the blade straight. Satisfied that the blacksmith had done a good job, he takes a few practice swings to get a good feel for it. With all the events of the past couple days he hasn't had a real chance to test out his arms and armor.

Thinking of the night before his eyes stray over to Shade, still veiled, and still mysterious. He sighs, wondering what goes on in her head and why the slightest things can set her off into a mood black enough to frighten a well-seasoned warrior.

True to the gnome's word, one of the birds reappears, twittering. Cadrius can't tell if it's excited, nervous, or simply nonchalant.

"What does it have to say?"