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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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Cadrius shakes his head at Shade's behavior. Whatever her reasons, she remains just as enigmatic as the day he met her. A shadow flits behind his eyes. It conjures up a memory of a dwarf, slumping over, his throat slit and a veiled woman fleeing a tavern. He had judged her an assassin then, and treated her as such for a good deal of their journey. She's shared some of her tale with him since then and he's learned that the dwarf's death was a personal vendetta, and not a paid contract. Given his own past he has no right to judge anyone who has killed after being dishonored.

As quickly as the black mood comes it goes, being forced into the recesses of his mind. It's a topic he will deal with another time. Right now they have other matters to worry about.

"So you have always lived in the wilderness then?" He asks, suspecting the answer but unwilling to make any assumptions.

Just then the bear, Talon by name, knocks over the tree it had been manhandling earlier. Bees swarm out, protecting their hive. Reflexively he raises his shield, as if it would ward off a swarm of bees as well as a rain of arrows. He shakes his head ruefully and moves off to the other side of the small clearing.

"Stupid bear!"

Cadrius wonders why he doesn't speak to Talon in its own language. He certainly could with the birds, why not with a bear?

"How long should your...friends take?"