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Man, I miss gaming on this site...

Spring is least at the beach in NC.

RPoL game is going well; my two new players are veterans of the game. The is about to get deep as the group has set sail only to arrive at their first port o' call and discover an old friend (enemy?) has lost his family to a betrayal of his brother...who has made a pact with a demonic power.

Over on Unseen Servant, my 5E game is moving along and coming to the end of a chapter in the module. Will see if the players want to continue...but quite honestly, I'd be just as happy to table it.

The only games I'm playing in are at Unseen Servant > playing a "0" level baker in the Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh game > so much fun!
Finishing up a 5E game I jumped in, just to get a feel for being a player instead of a DM. Not as much fun as I thought it'd be.
Just joined a new Labyrinth Lord game, playing a female Dwarf character > the game only started yesterday so, we'll see how it goes.
And, I also agreed to join in a 2E Undermountain game > just waiting on the current scenario to wrap up so I can create my character and play. Thinking very seriously about bringing over my character from LinkLegacy's Cordrean game, which ended about 8 years ago.

Reading back through some of my threads and PM's makes me miss this site. "Back in the day" there were dozens of games going on there are two...maybe just one. Sad to see.

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