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The events of Bastion of Light adventures come to pass the...

The soul totem is stolen by the Cathezar (who was wished back into existance by one of her personal followers who isn't an agent of the Demogorgon) and fled to the Bastion of Unborn Souls herself to see if Ammet had truly been slain.

Meanwhile - Demogorgon did not give up, he too sent more agents to the Bastion and rendevoused with the Cathezar. They entered and searched for Ammett. What they found was a trap set by the abominations made by the trapped souls of Ammett and Ashardalon. The agents of the Demogorgon were tottally unprepared for what had become of what Marcoman and his crew left behind. The Bastion had been corrupted by the evil and became something of more evil than ever seen before.

After some more communion with Geraldin Marcoman is scolded and sent to clean up his own mess.

Elsewhere in the multiverse...

Ka'Prok takes his plans to the next stage and breathes life and Divinity into Ar'Ganon and begins to train him to do what needs to be done.

Elsewhere still..

Bel'Zhor invades Aven'Dorsa's realm, kidnaps and impregnates her through force and demonic magics. She escapes and her child is born in the Prime and fulfills a dark prophecy to take over dominion of the Prime and defeat the Gods of Heaven's Court. Geraldin prevents the demonic godling child from escaping back to the Abyss where his father awaits him and slays the godling in the process (Ultimately this course of actions poisons Marcoman's soul and causes him to turn evil in the end.)

This causes Aven'Dorsa to split into 4 divine forces, The forces of Air, Earth, Water, and Fire and she stays forever on the Prime. She begins to unleash her fury upon the lands heralding the end of times.
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