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Humans - Mostly killed off - guided by the elves to help rebuild their nations
Elves - Moved themselves to a magical realm and their existance now is only by magical projection *(Or maybe not... figure out later)
Dwarves - Made deal w/ demons to survive. Only one clan of pure dwarves thought to survive
Gnomes - locked themselves within secret vaults in the underdark. Some scattered families survived with the other races.
Halflings - nomads and herders, secretive and traders on the Fey Way
1/2 Orcs - Made deal w/ devils to survive. Orcs become strong nation in new era

Others (important ones) - *not inclusive list* more to follow in future.

Dragons - Secretiveand elusive. none really known to the world at large to have survived
Giants - Lord over a lot of lands now and have close ties to Ariathol and mastery over the dead.
Githyanki - They tried to come to the humans rescue at the last days of the End Times, but are now mortal enemies again.
Celestials - Have split into different orders except those that serve Draved and his Half-Gods
Other demihumanoids... Many races are extinct or misbreed w/ others to form new races.

*Ancients - newly unearthed immortal race * Can still be killed, but not from old-age... bodies stay forever young and strong.
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