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Troll. Ben frowned at the word, recognizing it but not really able to attribute it to anything about the creature. He did remember something about nasty claws but nothing else came to mind.

Still, Ben didn't think it had come to share lunch with them. Well, maybe it did, but that was hardly comforting when Ben pictured what was on the menu. Quick as the blink of an eye, Ben reached down to his side and grabbing the hilt of his sword. Giving a quick jerk, the leather strap holding it to his belt snapped open and the sword was in his hand. But even as he grabbed his sword, his other hand reached behind him for his shield, which obviously wasn't there since it was on the back of his pack that was lying on the ground next to him.

Cursing himself for not grabbing it when he heard the noise, he bent down to grabb his shield just as a dagger from Nicos flew over him into the stomach of the monster. Grabbing the handle for the shield, Ben pulled it off his pack and looked up in time to see the wound knit shut on the troll's stomach.

Realizing this wasn't going to be easy, Ben moved forward, coming up beside Cadrius just as he threw his taunt at the much larger creature. Ben swallowed, gulping down a retort concerning the wisdom of such a move along with his apprehension at facing such a being.

The awful creature grinned at the taunt. Even if it couldn't understand what it's meal was saying, the movement of his sword made it all to clear. That grin, full of teeth and malice, held the scene still for a brief second, freezing everything in the minds of those present in a perfect, clear picture of the calm before the storm.

Then the creature rushed forward with its shuffling gait, letting out a growling roar before he came to the two warriors. The large and apparently ungainly beast moved deceptively fast, and Ben barely had time to duck behind his shield after seeing a claw heading for him. But the attack to him was a feint. He wasn't the real target.

Trolls weren't exactly known for their intelligence, but they had enough sense to recognize someone clad in a lot of armor and someone who wasn't. That didn't necessarily mean they realized that attacking them first with others around wasn't the best of moves, but the trolls claws made the point moot.

The claw Ben had thought would be heading for him rushed instead for Cadrius. The fallen paladin put his shield up just in time, blocking the apparent attack with the edge of his shield, only to see the troll's other arm come in toward his torso. He twisted to dodge the attack, but it had the opposite affect of making the damage far worse worse. Instead of simply clawing down his shoulder, the beast tore down the man's chest, even reaching his stomach.

Three long, jagged lines now appeared on Cadrius' once immaculate armor. Three long lines, only starting to turn a crimson red, now appeared on the man's chest and stomach.

[OOC: 20 points of damage to Cadrius]