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When he heard the word 'Troll', Nicos' mind immediately summoned up the tales he had heard of such creatures. All of the tales held one thing in common; trolls were exceedingly hard to kill.

As the bard opened his mouth to suggest abandoning the camp before the beast arrived, the troll burst forth through the shrubbery that had hidden its approach. Its beady eyes peered at the gathered companions, as if deciding contemptuously which one it would slay first. A growl rose from deep in its chest, removing beyond a shadow of a doubt whether it intended to attack or flee.

Taking advantage of the momentary lull before combat, Nicos' hand grasped the haft of the dagger on his belt, with a speed and surety that only comes from experience, drew it and sent it spinning toward the towering monster. The dagger buried itself in the troll's belly, but the creature merely grunted and pulled the offending weapon out, casting it aside as if it were merely an annoying twig. The wound the blade created had already started to knit close.

"Ah crap."
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