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She is looking without really seeing, mulling over the possibilities that the next few days will bring. Shade could tell Ben wasn't comfortable around them, the way he kept to himself, the way he looked at them. That was fine with her. Better he be wary, especially of her, then for him to think they were all as dense as Blarth.

A small stone skitters at her feet, tossed from the direction of the others. Her steel grey eyes sluice toward them, promising pain for someone. That someone happens to be Blarth, and as he points off to his left she freezes, much as most of the rest of the group seems to have done. After only a heartbeat she hears it: an unsteady crunching, as of someone lurching uphill across the loose earth. Moving as silently as an owl in flight, she makes her way across the small hill so she can peer down through the scree. What she sees sends adrenalaine ringing through her wiry frame.

The thing is tall, half again as tall as Cadrius, with gaunt limbs and huge clawed hands. Its shuffling gait is unsteady, but it is clearly moving towards their camp with purpose. She moves quickly to the others, her voice a harsh whisper.

"Troll, and it's coming for us."