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Shade swallows the acid rejoinder that automatically perched on the tip of her tongue. She was fairly sure that the bard enjoyed her discomfiture and like with so many other things, she wasn't about to give him what he wanted. Her eyes stay on Cadrius, wondering if he really meant what he said or if it even mattered. She had a feeling that it didn't, and that even if he thought continuing was the worst idea ever spawned in heaven or hell he still wouldn't change his mind about it.

And I am beginning to regret ever going to the Citadel.

All for Cadogan, who's only thanks had been to send them on a dangerous quest and keep them in the dark. Cadogan hadn't seemed like that. Shade would have thought the blind man would have put himself in danger before his comrades. Maybe his bond with wizards was greater than his bond with them.

"Loyalty is a very damning mistress, isn't she? All manner of foolishness is performed for her; vows broken, morals cast aside . . . people killed. All for something so nebulous as her favor. It is the very best quality to have in someone else, and one of the very worst qualities to possess yourself."