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While standing among the people, Nabi listens intently to whatever gossip he can eavesdrop on. Ignoring the stray looks he gets, he slowly moves to different groups within the crowd whenever the current conversation appears to have no new facts for him. After a short while of this, Nabi returns to the side of Shihiram.
"It always amazes me how people tend to make even more gruesome stories out of already horrible events. If half of what I hear is true about what happened here, there definitely is going to be need of your services."

Nabi sighs and stares at the burnt house. Just as his mind starts to wander, he spots two people approaching that match the description he was given earlier today. Excitedly he nudges Shihiram and points, "Look over there, do you reckon those two could be the ones we were sent to look for?"
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