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Calling at a nearby fletcher's shop to make a few purchases, the pair set off toward Edinhumber. The day is bright with the sky a perfect blue speckled by a few long clouds, and the snow is largely a frozen slush at the sides of the streets. The bitter cold remains, even the sunshine is a minor winter's warmth, encouraging the duo to walk quickly.

Gradually the buildings huddle together and start to look slightly more dilapidated as Lade and Finn find themselves in Edinhumber. Rounding a corner they advance upon the crossroads where Roen's house can be found. It becomes immediately obvious that the cultists returned during the night.

What was once Roen's house, a small abode opposite the partially repaired ruin of Annie and Celeste's former home is now a burned shell itself. The adjacent houses have suffered minor fire damage themselves and the air of the crossroads hangs heavy with smoke.

The people going about their daily lives who pass by the site stop to exchange rumours. From the overheard snippets it would seem that Roen and Annie were hanged from the top floor while the blaze was left to spread. The two had been strangled to death and finally deposited, lifeless, upon the frozen cobbles when the fire ate through their nooses. A note had been left hammered to the post at the crossroad informing the local populace that this was the work of the Moon Bringers and anybody else harbouring a demon or working to keep the dawn at bay would meet a similar fate.


In the library Malkanus finds his guide unable to fulfil his request. The word Lufan apparently is too narrow a subject, and not knowing exactly to what the word refers makes his position untenable. Sighing, he asks his paper companion to take him to the sections of demonology and leaves the forbidden portal behind.
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