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Kami's questions were like a blow to Silver Wind's gut. The idea of Kheervis being injured was always in the back of her mind, always taunting her when she made decisions that might bring him in harms way. But there had never even been a glimmer of thought at him ever dying.

Silver Wind looked at Kheervis, her green eyes staring into his large brown ones. He understood the woman's statements, and she could feel his answer instantly through their bond. But she couldn't seem to come up with one of her own. Whenever she thought of Kheervis lying there in front of her, suffering so much pain he simply wanted her to kill him...

Her mind just froze. She couldn't get past that horrific image, couldn't see what she would do in that situation. "I....I...."

She looked up at Kami, saw her tattoos, saw her as the cat she had been just yesterday, and the confusion and horror in her eyes simply...vanished. She turned back to Kheervis and went back to checking his teeth.

"I think you should leave now."