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Spawn of Kyuss

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Kami sighs and nods, herself not quite at peace with this part of her apparent Lunar heritage, she slowly backs up to the door of the stable stall, ready to bolt if SW should take particular umbrage and turn violent.

"Yes. Like any predator in the wild, I need to hunt and kill to take on an animal's shape. I'm not entirely sure of why or how it works... only that it does. I imagine Tiden and the others could explain it better than I can. The first time... it... it was my friend..."

Kami looks pleadingly at SW for compassion and understanding. "Wouldn't you kill your finest to save him from a slow, long and lingering death better than the quick release that you could give him? His form... and the others that I have taken... have saved my life more than once... I know that Kami gave up his life to save my life. Wouldn't Kheervis do the same for you?"