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Spawn of Kyuss

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Kami uncertainly pets and tugs on the horse's mane, eyeing him suspciously as if expecting him to bite on her fingers. "There was a stable in the Nexus' market selling horses, I could hear and smell them from my mothers' stall when we would set up shop. Its' where I heard the faint hymms of the poem you were humming to tell truth.

Would ah... Kheervis is it? want to be ridden? I'm fairly certain that with time I'll gain the ability to take on shape of a horse, though of course I wouldn't harm your friend. It looks like your friend needs a good deal of care and tending to, isn't he able to look after himself?"

She gently strokes the rich mane of SW's finest, still looking at Kheervis uncertainly in the eye, trying to calm the beast with something familiar she resumes humming the bars she can recall from the days of her youth to continue her companion's song.