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Once inside the room, Juni closes the door and leans her back against it with a sigh. She is physically and emotionally drained.

How did things go so wrong so fast? They were just having a pleasant little lunch with a chance-met, traveling priest. In spite of Shade's usual reluctance to participate in conversation, Juni had been having a good time.

She locks the door behind her and turns to Lynn. "Thank you so much for running ahead to get the room." She remembers that she hadn't even said a word to Nicos before hastening to lead Shade out of the worsening situation at the tavern. She wonders how he and Isac were faring with the crowd.

But she is more worried about Shade than anything else.

"How is your hand?" she asks quietly as she joins the other woman near the window. Without waiting for an answer she takes Shade's hand in her own and begins to examine it. It looks fine, although it feels unnaturally cold. Like the hand of a corpse.

"It wasn't something that the priest did?" she asks after a moment.

No, of course not. The priest healed it afterward. Didn't you see the bright light when he touched her?

Yes, I saw.

Oddly enough, she is starting to get used to the voice in her head. It had been quite helpful on the way here, reminding her to take the back way and drawing her attention to Lynn where she waited in the common room.

But the priest set it off somehow, even if it wasn't intentional.

Juni clasps her friend's hand in her own, warming it as best she can. "Shade, what happened?"