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“…bring us the scroll, and in exchange we will give you the reliquary, unless of course you prefer to spend the rest of your days as a walking corpse. You have, at most, a month before the curse claims you. Talk to the gravedigger at the Chapel of Eternal Light in Phror Khiliades to…”

Shade’s panicked scream breaks Isac’s concentration. Looking up he sees the rogue stagger backwards, her eyes wide and staring at the blackening flesh of her hand. Without thinking he snatches her arm from the air and draws it close. The rotting stink of necromantic magics fills his nose as he watches the lines of corrupting power wither her skin. His hand tightens vise like around her forearm as he wrenches his holy symbol free from his jacket.

Pelor is the Light and the Way

Piety fills his mind and heart, and he can feel the holy conduit opening. Like a bolt of lightning divine light surges through his flesh, turning it translucent. Time seems to stand still as he channels the heatless flame through his body and into Shade, willing it to burn the foulness that was burrowing towards her heart.

It resisted.

Like water breaking upon black rock, the healing power of Pelor crashes against the twisting curse to no avail.

“Shade! What is it? What's wrong?” the voice sounds distant and incoherent. "What have you done to her?" The thin priest is vaguely aware of hands grabbing him, trying to pull him away but he ignores them. There is more at stake now than just Shade. Beneath his hand the Pelorian can feel the black tendrils of ancient power working their way into him.

I am a servant of the Light. My body but a lantern for His Glory…

Burak furthrad gūlrhed. Burak furthrad gūlrhed, djrani gūlrhed . The Goblin words burn through his brain, as the curse touches his skin.

I see you.

Isac pours every ounce of his soul into pushing the darkness back, his features growing indistinct as he fills with the Light of Pelor.

I see you…

With a deep grunt he pushes the darkness back. Opening a weary eye he smiles as Shade’s necrotic flesh pinkens once again. He releases his grip and is immediately hauled back and restrained. He doesn’t resist.

…and I am coming.

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