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Shade stares at the innocent object on the table between them as though it were an adder poised to strike. She makes no move for it, steel grey eyes sliding slowly upward to Isac's face. The man didn't look at her but she can feel the electric thrum of expectation - a boulder poised at the tipping point, an avalanche waiting to be unleashed. Beneath the table, her left hand carefully and silently draws her dagger as her eyes flick across the rest of the room.

She does not know him, of that she is certain. Her scan of the room likewise comes up empty, yet these two things serve to heighten her unease rather than settle it. Between them, the crisp outlines of the envelope mark a boundary. If she crosses there is no going back.

She could - should - get up and walk away, leave this town and this man and run. Because whatever it is can only be bad, can only serve to once more mire her in events that were beyond her control.

Shade has never been known for her prudence.

The blade of her dagger glints in the smoky torchlight as she raises it. Isac seems not to notice. Shade reaches out slowly and retrieves the envelope, the razor edge of her blade effortlessly slicing through the heavy parchment. Her flinty gaze never leaves Isac; Isac's gaze never leaves his soup. She unfolds it slowly, dagger still gripped easily in her left hand. The script clean and elegant, written in a strong, bold hand. She reads, color draining from her face as her mind processes the words. Understanding and confusion come to her together. Isac's dead gaze finally lifts, to meet her own without wavering.

Silence hangs between them - a dike holding back the flood. The colorless world around her suddenly seems menacing, bathed in the light of her new knowledge. Her gut twists.

"Who are you?"