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Isac idly paddles his lamb stew with a wooden spoon as Arjuna regales the two of them with another story of mercantile intrigue. It is the fourth such story, but the priest is thankful for the distraction. He had run out of small talk almost immediately, and Shade...well Shade seemed content to sip tea and bore her gray eyes into his head. He could tell that she knew there was something more to this meeting than good manners, not that he was a particularly good actor.

At least the beer is good.

" the spice trader walks in on his wife and the camel merchant and says 'Keep her, the camel is better looking!'" Arjuna can barely get the punch line out before she breaks into another fit of infectious laughter. Isac can't help but to chuckle. It seems that he is not the only one who is enjoying the beer.

Shade quietly takes another sip of her tea.

"I'll get us another round," Juni says at length. Grabbing Isac's nearly empty mug she saunters over to the bar, leaving the table in a heavy silence.

The corner shadows cling thickly to the slight woman sitting across from him, only the paleness of her eyes seem unaffected. Like twin chips of polished flint, they peer impassively over her cup, waiting. Isac nervously clears his throat, suddenly aware that he can only see one of her hands.

"Well..." he begins hesitantly, "you undoubtedly have already guessed that our meeting in the inn was not entirely coincidental." He meets her gaze for just a moment. Nothing. No trace of surprise, anger, resignation touch her porcelain features.

Yeah...awkward... In retrospect, getting drunk before meeting an assassin might not have been the wisest choice.

"Right...I've been sent to give you something," his hand darts toward the inner pocket of his leather jacket then stops. The woman across from him didn't even move, but Isac can feel tension bloom between them, like the silence before a peal of thunder. Moving with deliberate slowness, he pulls out a sealed envelope and sets it carefully on the table in front of her. Settling back into his chair, he goes back to stirring his stew.