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Isac smiles warmly as Juni's eyes return to their normal color, but inside apprehension fills him with doubt. No visible components or incantations... Yet there was no mistaking the silvering of her eyes for anything less than the manifestation of...something. A sorcerer perhaps? Not that it mattered really.

Deliver your errand and be done with it.

"Well if you're pressed for time we could have a light brunch now," he motions for the innkeeper's dark haired son to come over. "Although you will have to pick the place." The adolescent boy comes meekly over, obviously uncomfortable and self conscious around the attractive adult women.

"Here lad," Isac says after a moment of fishing through his jacket pockets. He produces two shiny silver pieces and presses them into the boy's hand. The boy's eyes grow big as saucers as he stares at two months worth of wages. "Take my case and this," he holds up his mace, "to my room and leave the key with your father. Think you can handle that?"

The boy nods frantically.

"Good lad. Off you go now," he grins broadly and adds a playful tousling of the boy's hair. For a moment he watches the boy struggle with the heavy case, his youthful face taught with adult-like concentration. Out of the corner of his eye he can see the innkeeper quietly watching his son, his face bright with pride. A pang of jealousy hits the thin priest as he finds himself wondering if he would ever have a son - wondering if he would ever be able to have that look of glowing pride as his son grew into manhood.

Wondering if he should have charted a different course for his life.

Since he had returned from the goblin empire the idea had been growing with in him. Every couple he saw, every child that ran smiling into the open arms of their parent made him question his choice to remain a priest. He told himself that it was natural, that it would pass with time, but inside he knew the truth. He knew that he had begun to question this path long before he ever left for the Forbidden South, ever since...

Sshal' En Tuath

He quickly tries to push the place from his mind.

Deliver your errand...


..and be done with it.

Choking back the black bile rising within him he turns back to Juni and Shade, his warm smiling mask back in place. With a polite, courtier-like bow he offers his arm to Juni, "Shall we?"