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Shade isn't very far away when a scream emerges from the tavern and she pauses, looking back quizzically. Had Cadrius assaulted Paladin? It was possible, given his mood and the right combination of antagonism and guilt.

Her question still isn't answered when the tavern doors crash open; she sinks back into the shadow of a nearby building and watches. Paladin charges out of the bar, commandeers a horse, and rides off followed closely by the blundering half-orc who moves far more quickly than she would have guessed. A third figure, the other one who had been following Paladin like a lost puppy, follows more slowly. Cadrius does not emerge and, resisting the urge to see if he is alright, she decides to let them play their own games for a while. Paladin didn't want her help anyway.

Pulling her hood up she starts off in the direction of the market. She had some coin in her pocket now and there were a couple of things that she could use. When she gets there it is a bustle of activity, the press of bodies tight enough that she is sure the pickpockets are having a field day. Her own purse is secured beneath both cloak and shirt, tucked beneath her weapons belt for extra security. The fool who reached for it would find the business end of her new sword.