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The paladin braces himself for the attack, reaching for his warhammer -- only to realize that he left it in the inn, upstairs in his room. In desperation, he lunges forward to meet the charge, trying to grab the man's arm and keep that sword out of reach.

As he closes in, small shards of crystal begin flying around the man: crystals made of solidified blood, it seems. Several of these shards dig into the paladin's skin, leaving long scratches across his arms and chest. Before he can reach in, the man swipes his sword across the paladin's midsection, tracing a long furrow of blood along his stomach.

As he grabs the man's arms, the paladin lets out a cry of rage, and his hands release a flare of blue-white light; in its wake, the armor and flesh beneath burns and crackles. Ignoring the lancing shards of blood leaving gashes on his arms and face, he tries to wrench the sword away.

Apparently, the transformation he'd endured made him much stronger than normal. With almost no effort, the man pulls his arms free, throwing the paladin to the ground in the process. Before the paladin can recover, he brings the sword around, holding it point-downward over the paladin's chest.

"Thus, the fight ends, dear brother," the man says, grinning. "This is not, however, the last this little town has seen of either of us."

With a cry of triumph, he drives the sword down.