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Ilastros also noticed the strange behavior of the human. Upon seeing the orc was ignoring him and being concerned by the strange behavior. He was about to leave, trying to ignore the guiding hand that was trying to get him to stay.

Ilastros stopped dead in his tracks and turned pale. Trak was what the orc mage called himself. Ilastros suddenly knew, without knowing it, that he was close to discovering something about his prey.

"Assassins? Where? Are they after Trak? What are you trying to say? Sir Paladin, is my brother in some kind of danger? Is someone trying to assasinate him? Sir Paladin? Sir Paladin? Can you here me? Can you tell me what's going one?" the orc looks imploringly at Sir Paladin trying to will an answer out of him.
His brother? I can get revenge on that mage by killing his family. First, however, I must get to him. Still, I must get him alone if I expect to kill him.

Ilastros turned around and walked back to the orc. One guy was helping the human kneeling on the ground drink some liquid, probably to help the guy calm down. Still, Ilastros had the feel that powerful magic was involved. The place almost stunk of it.

"So your brother is named Trak? I have been sent to find him by some people. They wish to speak to him about an inheritance he is somehow entitled to. Looks like we share the same quest," Ilastros said, trying to sound friendly.

"Be careful of the human who said those words. He must know something of your quest. Perhaps that final word is who you are looking for..." the female voice, still as faint as the wind, said.

Who are you?

"Worry about that not, mortal. Still, if you must call me by anything, call me Ilyasi. That was the name I used so long ago. Just do my bidding, mortal, and life shall be rewarding for you," the female voice said again.

No one else seems capable of hearing you. Am I so special? Or have I gone mad afterall?

"Both and neither, mortal. Both and neither..." Ilyasi said.

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