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What have I gotten myself into? If they realize that I've been standing here listening the whole time, this could turn bad. Still, they would be useful companions, so maybe they would be helpful. Besides, something tells me this is going to be interesting.

"You're right, young one. You may not like the orc, but deal with him. Your destiny lies with him and his companions, although it may not be a destiny you like. You just do not have a choice in this matter," a female voice, barely a whisper in the wind, seemed to say in the back of Ilastros's mind.

Ilastros walked up to the table, thinking the entire way. Am I going crazy? How did I hear their conversation so clearly? It was as though they were the only ones talking, and yet I see this place is full of people. More importantly, where did that voice come from?

"Orc, I understand that you may need help with your brother. If you are willing to help me with a quest I am on, I will help you with yours. Besides, I need the break from what I am doing anyway," Ilastros said.

Wait! Was that my choice, or was it something else? It seems as though all of this is my idea, and yet I have a feeling that I had no control over my actions. I must guard my thoughts and my mind closely. They seem to not be my own as of late. More importantly, was it my decision to come here and choose those two, or is some unknown person playing me as a pawn? I must tell them none of this.

"Troubled, kind sir?" a barmaid, who Ilastros had not heard walking up to him, said.

"No. None at all. Just some bad memories in a bar similar to this," Ilastros said.

Bad memories indeed. It was in a bar just like this one where the orc mage gave me the slip.